Course Objectives:
- To improve the participants understanding of the sales function role and mission.
- To improve the participants understanding of the sales managers` key objectives, responsibilities and accountabilities.
- To develop the participants` ability to analyze and improve their subordinates` performance through on-the-job training and coaching.
- To introduce some important tools and concepts to enhance the participants` effectiveness in managing their business and the work of the sales staff working in their business units; and train the participants on using these tools.
- To develop the participants` ability to analyze their business, recognize sales opportunities and develop action plans and targets.
- To introduce the key principles involved in monitoring and tracking the results achieved by the staff working in their business units.

Training Content:
- Different sales operations and models.
- Sales objectives and fundamentals.
- Salespersons`, sales supervisors`, sales managers` mission, activities, roles, key objectives, main responsibilities and accountabilities.
- The principles & process of on-the-job training and coaching for salespeople.
- Analyzing and assessing salespeople/ subordinates performance. - Preparing an effective training environment for the salespeople.
- Giving constructive feedback.
- Case Studies: salespeople role and common values – Determining on-the- job training and coaching needs for salespeople – applying the principles of on-the-job training.
- Key effectiveness habits and practices in managing your sales force.
- Developing sales force work schedules.
- Methods of monitoring & controlling the sales operation.
- Case Study: Different types of store checking.
- Effective sales coverage planning & execution.

Who Should Attend?
Supervisors and team leaders in the sales function as well as sales managers, who are responsible for managing business units and following through on their subordinates.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in three training days

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