Course Objectives:
- Train the participants on analyzing their business, recognize sales opportunities and develop sales targets and action plans.
- Train the participants on developing reliable sales forecast using analytical and statistical tools and methods.
- To develop the participants` ability to manage, measure, monitor and control the performance of sales and distribution operations.

Training Content:
- Essential information for reliable sales forecast.
- Factors affecting sales volume.
- Applying benchmarking as an effective tool in forecasting.
- Case Study: Conducting sales forecast for products in different conditions.
- Building a product plan, and the concept of the "marketing mix".
- Different pricing strategy and approaches.
- Selecting suitable distribution and sales promotions strategy.
- Defining the marketing, selling & distribution budgets.
- Case Study: selecting a distribution strategy.
- Case Study: building a product plan for a full year (including programs & budget)
- Sales operation planning & execution.
- The key characteristics of the different sales operations and models.
- Sales objectives and fundamentals.
- Sales people role and mission.
- The operational planning process.
- Identifying and setting sales goals/objectives, priorities, and specific action plans.
- Developing sales & distribution key performance indicators.
- Sales plan deployment and communication (internally across the sales organization)
- Case Study: Preparing a monthly sales action plan.
- The concept of sales quality management and its involved processes and tools.
- Analyzing sales performance and result reports (analytical & statistical tools)
- Methods & tools used in tracking and monitoring the sales operation.
- Case Study: Analyzing sales performance & results and developing a sales plan.

Who Should Attend?
Sales supervisors and managers, who would like to enhance their ability in developing and executing sales and distribution plans for their products/ line of business.

Program Duration
The course is carried out in three training days.

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