Course Objectives:
- To introduce to the participants the importance of emotional intelligence in ONE-ONE communication for professionals in dealing with various

 management situations.

- To explore the components of emotional intelligence and their applications in various communication practices.

- To get trained on using EI in improving communication and interpersonal skills as rapport building, active listening and assertion skills. 

Training Content:

- Emotional intelligence importance in dealing with others.

- The five domains of emotional intelligence.

- Knowing yourself, managing your emotions, self-motivation, using empathy and the art of

social interaction.

- Application in corporate environment and activities related to managing people.

- Understanding people`s personalities – SELF-ASSESSMENT TEST REGARDING EI.

- The meaning of communicating with others.

- Using active listening and gathering information, assertion skills and how to express own feelings and emotions, communication in resolving conflicts and problems communication in solving problems and handling difficult people.

- Using the proper tools of communication one-on-one.

- Body language and implications.

- Using facial impressions and non-verbal communication.

 - Meeting set-up and layout.

- Courtesy actions in communications.

- Culture differences in communication with others. 

Who Should Attend?

Personal Efficiency Development courses are targeting all levels within the organization from Senior to Junior levels as well as cross functional as all specializations working in a corporate environment would definitely benefit from these courses – they are highly recommended for younger professionals building their preliminary corporate experience and knowledge. 

Program Duration

The course is carried out in two training days

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