As step to reach our vision of being the practical expert benchmark in the field of quality business consultancy, human development, and trainings in the Middle East region, we are recently approved from UK-PQMS (United Kingdom of Quality Management Standards) as organization apply and maintains the standard guidelines of professional quality management standards under UK-CCL - QMS 5001:2005 Also, UK-CCL (UK commission for consistent learning) has accredited Rawafid training programs as Professional & Vocational Educational organization implementing international Standards. The UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-UK CCL) is a unique Professional Assessing, Examining and Validation educational establishment.

Its purpose is to create the awareness of the importance of Professional & Vocational Educational Qualifications Standards worldwide. (UK-UK CCL) focuses on educational quality, institutional integrity and administrative responsibility. (UK-UK CCL) embarks on a number of sterling concepts in delivering the best for the ambitious. These are “global assessing and validating” of affiliated universities, educational and professional institutions, “qualifying skills by formal education”, ‘sensible approach for lifelong learning’, conducting and offering continuing professional development, vocational professional qualifications, and workshop-seminars by qualified professionals.

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